Rooster Shack are proud sponsors of our U11 Girls team that play in the HGYFL

About Rooster Shack

Going out with your best mates every weekend for some food and you all fancy something different!

We’ve all been there, right? Well, that’s our story.

One of your friends wants some flame grilled chicken, the other wants a flame grilled beef burger and there’s always one that wants just a milkshake! We always ended up going to different restaurants through the night, which was great but kind of exhausting. That’s when it clicked, why not bring all of those great tasting flavours under one roof, not just mediocre flavours but the very best flavours.

So here we are, leaving our corporate jobs behind us and doing what we love most, to serve the very best Piri-Piri, Flame Grilled Beef Burgers, Wings, Southern Fried and Milkshakes.

Shacks Ethos


Rooster Shack creates that great, relaxed atmosphere loved by mums getting together for a mid morning natter, famished commuters, too cool teens and the crew on a night out.

Everyone’s welcome and everyone deserves great food.


Rooster Shack has a genuine pride and love for it’s fabulous flavours and deliciously simple menu combinations.

Service and delivery is paramount, our engaging team add the chuckle to our chicken and a pout to our Piri Piri.


Is the cornerstone of all that resides under The Shack’s roof. Food simply done well and delivered with warmth.

The Rooster Shack Team.

For more information or to place an order, please visit the company website